Blitz Inc Reviews Effects of a Positive Attitude

Blitz Inc Bellevue Washington

Blitz Inc specializes in sales…professional and personal sales with businesses in the Atlanta area. Opening with two employees in May of 2011, Blitz has grown to over twenty employees due to a variety of things (some are trade-secret). The most important, is the company and the employees’ positive attitudes towards business and life.

This stuff may sound really hokey, but according to Jeffrey Gitomer, arguably one of the best sales trainers in the world, your attitude is the biggest influence on sales and in our personal lives. Every success book mentions it and its power. All of it sounds hokey. You’ll just have to get used to that.

Check out this video from Jeffrey Gitomer on Attitude!

Blitz Inc Atlanta Reviews the ‘Attitude Formula’

What are the views of Blitz Inc Atlanta, WA on the power of positive thinking? The answer may surprise you. Led by Tom Peck Blitz Inc formulates success with simple math…    A + B = C…    A = Attitude…    B = Work Ethic…    C = Results.

In this equation, both A and B must be whole numbers. If either of them is a fraction, positive results still may be achieved, but not maintained. Lets focus more on the ‘A’ since most of us think that we have pretty decent attitudes and that that is enough to get great sustainable results.

Blitz Inc Suggests You Take an Attitude Analysis

Chances are… you don’t think as positively as you thought.

May of us believe that we are generally optimistic people, but are you really where you want to be in life? Have you achieved everything that you wanted out of your life, be it professional or personal? The Buddhist philosophy revolves around the fact that you are where you should be. Meaning, the events, circumstances, choices, and conditions in your life have influenced your life this far. More importantly, what you have done with these things…even more importantly…how you view these events and your expectations on future events dictates where you are right now.

So many people point the finger at the ‘reasons’ why they haven’t reached everything that they have wanted. None of these people would tell you that its their own fault. None of these people would tell you that they should have handled things differently. Pointing the finger and justifying why things happened or didn’t happen is just plain easier and doesn’t hurt their ego.

Blitz Inc Atlanta Views on Conditioning and Our Attitude

At the end of the day, everyone tries to make sense out of random occurrences and they base their future behavior and choices from that set of experiences…i.e. Hot stove burned us, crying when we were babies got us attention, and even experiences on how to act socially help model our future behavior across several different levels of social experiences in the future. This is how all of us learn. It’s science.

Problems With Conditioning as a Function of Learning

Unfortunately we can tie the wrong meanings to these experiences. I.e. The Gamblers Fallacy. If a person wins a hand of Blackjack and they were thinking about something random, or doing something out of the ordinary as they won (i.e. flicking their cigarette a certain way), their winning MUST have been a result of that thing! For instance, how many of you believe that if the elevator door isn’t closing fast enough, pushing the close button gets it going? The truth is, almost all of the ‘close’ buttons on elevator doors are not functional unless they have the maintenance key in place. This cannot be disputed. It is a fact. Ask any elevator maintenance worker and they’ll tell you.

So if the button doesn’t work, why do we all push it incessantly? Answer = We see other people doing it and we don’t really think about it.

Blitz Inc Bellevue WA

Blitz Inc Atlanta GA Reviews the Larger Implications

Blitz Inc, the Atlanta SEO company’s CEO has a Psychology degree from Northwest Missouri State University and has studied his phenomenon thoroughly. He states, “This is too common when making our decisions in our everyday lives and professional careers. The things and people we surround ourselves with are eventually who and what we become. So, the problem with our attitudes is that we simply let other things affect it. Or, I have heard others say that the problem with people is that they just DON’T THINK.”

Humans are the only species on the face of the planet that can actually change the way we think about things, but so few of us actually do it. We let others tell us what we want, what to do, and what should be important. If this doesn’t correspond to what each and every one of us wants individually, it creates dissonance and anxiety.

So, the key to controlling your own thoughts and attitude is…

• Decide what You really want. Not what others want for you, not what your parents, friends, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, or even neighbors think u should want out of life. If that scares you and you feel that your goals may be inadequate…Who Cares?? You should be the only one who cares what YOU do with YOUR life (as long as its ethical and legal) The good news is, no one wants to be average. No one wants to be mediocre. So, start off small and expand on it.

• Then decide what u are willing to do to get there. If you haven’t gotten to where u want to be by now, you are the one that has to change. Hope is not enough. Decide. Do. Blitz Inc Atlanta GA and Attitude: Helpful Hints – You first have to change the way you think about things, people, events, circumstances, obstacles, and yourself. Only then can you even start to see things change.

Blitz Inc Atlanta GA and Attitude: Helpful Hints

– Where u are now is a result of the way that u have thought about things up until now. So your brain has actually been conditioned to accept your present situation as satisfactory. If it hadn’t, do you think you would be where u are?

– Feed your brain with positive and powerful thoughts from other people. Become a student of life and get out of being comfortable with what you think you “know.”

– Your brain is extremely adaptable and capable of change. Almost all forms of science agrees that we only use a small fraction of our brain’s ability. But most are unaware of their true potential.

– Since our brains are so adaptable, we have to guard what we put into it. Only then can we start to see opportunities to take us to where we want to be, and the more willing we are to do the work required.

More to come on the second part of the A + B = C equation (Work Ethic)

Blitz Inc Atlanta Reviews Effects of a Positive Attitude on Your Success

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Blitz Inc Reviews 6 Business Lessons from Miley Cyrus

Blitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus Business Lessons

Immediately following Miley Cyrus’ VMA appearance, several people decided that the world needed to know his or her opinion of this performance. A lot of people said the same thing over and over again. It wasn’t anything new, but everyone definitely had an opinion one way or another. “Put some clothes on!” “Gross!” “Ewww!” These are most of the comments out there on Twitter and Facebook at the moment.

I love Miley Cyrus. I think she teaches us a lot through her actions…meaning what not to do. Welcome to “Blitz Inc Reviews Business Lessons From Miley Cyrus.”

Blitz Inc ReviewsBlitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus Lessons in Business

1. Don’t show your @$$ in front of your coworkers or customers.

Blitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus VMA Reaction

Miley Cyrus reminds us that although in the entertainment industry, any press may be good press, but in business this isn’t the case. You will likely lose support from your staff, customers, and colleagues if you bring your dirty laundry to work, try to be the ‘cool guy’ at work, or – much like Miley here – show your @$$ in front of them. Always maintain your professionalism around the people you work with.

Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus didn’t quite understand the scope of her actions as she was teaching us this lesson.

2. To be innovative, you may just have to go back to basics.

Blitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus VMA

Thank you Miley Cyrus for trying out a look that Jim Carrey already broke out over a decade ago. While he may not look as good in the same hairdo, he reminds us that most ideas have already been created. Usually when our businesses aren’t getting a great result, we tend to complicate things even more. To succeed in business, keep things simple and go back to the basics.

Good job Miley! She nailed this lesson of going back to basics, but she may have focused on the wrong ‘basics.’

3. Always represent your company as if it were your family’s.

Blitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus Lessons

Miley Cyrus comes from a good-hearted country-music loving family. Although she may have turned a corner as of recent, she’s still representing her family’s brand, right? I’m sure the Cyrus family is very proud of her musical talents, but maybe not her portrayal of them. In business, representing your company as if it were your own or your family’s company is the key to integrity and long-lasting relationships and word of mouth references.

The Miley Cyrus VMA performance might show otherwise, but hey, she’s in the entertainment industry – so all bets are off, I suppose.

I know that by running the best SEO company in Atlanta, we’re never going to do stuff like this. 🙂

4. Less is not always MORE.

Blitz Inc Reviews Lessons from Miley

The theory that less is more is not always the case. Miley Cyrus stripped down the necessities to show all of the moving parts of the engine – so to speak. While this may work to a certain degree, it is always best to talk about big picture ideas with your staff. They should know why their job matters.

I’m not sure what Miley was trying to convey in the recent Video Music Awards on MTV recently. Apparently the ideas weren’t very complex, so if she was trying to keep it simple and strip everything down to the basics, mission accomplished.

5. More is not always welcome.

Blitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift is either puking or just averting her eyes at this moment of the VMA’s. She’s a girl. She understands the complexities of the systems and what women can do. In other words, she gets it. Enough already. In business, its important to know your audience when presenting information. Don’t keep droning on and on about a topic, solution, product, sales point, etc. if they understand it. In this case more information will do you more harm than good.

Miley Cyrus didn’t do her female fans any favors with her performance, but some of her fans, including Will Smith from what I understand, enjoyed her ‘droning.’

6. When doing a cool pose for photos, make sure your pose is, in fact, cool.

Blitz Inc Reviews Business Lessons

Do I need to explain?

Blitz Inc Reviews

Blitz Inc Reviews Miley Cyrus Lessons in Business

Thank you for checking out ‘Blitz Inc Reviews Business Lessons from Miley Cyrus.’ We had fun making this post and we hope you had some fun reading it.

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Blitz Inc Reviews Finding Resumes on LinkedIn

Finding resumes on LinkedIn is a lot more challenging than you may think. Management at Blitz Inc reviews how to find resumes on LinkedIn, one of the fastest growing platforms of professionals…the easy way.

LinkedIn has over 160 million users. Some of them want the job that you are offering. Some of them are happily employed and looking to network with like-minded people. How can you tell the difference? Which of these 160 million LinkedIn users have resumes that you can review?

Blitz Inc Reviews How to Find LinkedIn Resumes

First of all, you should be familiar with the term, “Boolean search.” A ton of different web 2.0 and social media sites use this. If you are unfamiliar, a Boolean search is a query in which you can add ‘AND’ ‘OR’ or other search parameters to give a more precise page of results. Google uses this…so does LinkedIn.

Using a Boolean search, as originally identified in an article published by Glen Cathey here, can do wonders when finding resumes on LinkedIn. This article boils down Glen’s research to the practical applications for your human resource needs.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Proper Parameters for Finding Resumes on LinkedIn

It’s actually quite simple. If you are wondering how to find resumes on LinkedIn, like a boss, you must do a simple Boolean search in the search bar as shown below.


How find resumes on LinkedIn

Then, use THESE parameters below to find resumes with people who are SEEKING EMPLOYMENT! Just copy and paste. ☺

seeking OR seeker OR “looking for” OR “in search of” OR “open to” OR “new job” OR “actively pursuing” OR “pursuing new” OR “searching for” OR “new opportunity” OR “new opportunities” OR “available for”


Blitz Inc Reviews how to find resumes on linkedin

You will probably want to narrow down the search radius to your location. You can easily do this by adding …..” AND “YOUR CITY, STATE ABBREVIATION”.

Then do another search with ….” AND “YOUR CITY, STATE SPELLED OUT”.

For instance when the human resource team at Blitz Inc reviews resumes in our locale, we add a search parameter for Bellevue, WA. Then, we do a search for the city and state completely spelled out. 2 examples:

seeking OR seeker OR “looking for” OR “in search of” OR “open to” OR “new job” OR “actively pursuing” OR “pursuing new” OR “searching for” OR “new opportunity” OR “new opportunities” OR “available for” AND “Atlanta, GA

seeking OR seeker OR “looking for” OR “in search of” OR “open to” OR “new job” OR “actively pursuing” OR “pursuing new” OR “searching for” OR “new opportunity” OR “new opportunities” OR “available for” AND “Atlanta, Georgia

You can repeat your search with your surrounding neighborhoods in your metropolitan area as well and you might come up with some more specific results closer to your office.

If you are still curious in how to find resumes on LinkedIn, visit the original post of Glen’s which is much more detailed at

To stay up to date with some of the best marketing methods and reputation management, be sure to follow this blog for the freshest updates and information. Management at Blitz Inc reviews several helpful tips for small business owners looking to grow their businesses through recruiting top talent, training and development, and improving processes and systems of coaching and employee feedback. Follow us today!

Blitz Inc reviews LinkedIn

Blitz Inc Reviews How to Find Resumes on LinkedIn

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Blitz Inc Reviews Customer Service in Atlanta, GA

Blitz Inc reviews customer service and what it means to be a team player in a company. In this post, Blitz Inc reviews techniques to enhance quality of sale, customer service, dealing with customer complaints, and handling employee complaints.

Blitz Inc (Atlanta, WA)

Blitz Inc reviews marketing and sales channels of national vendors for search engine optimization in Atlanta. Blitz Inc Atlanta performs in-person representation to increase sales and customer retention via face-to-face meetings with customers. Instead of just calling a customer or prospect, the company is able to better communicate with its contracted client’s customers.

In this post, you can view the company’s opinion on customer service involving a customer-centric approach. Through checking out these tips, you may be able to take your career to the next level in your company, or even enhance best practices.

Blitz Inc Reviews Customer Service in Atlanta, WA

Blitz Inc Reviews

The customer may always be right, but that doesn’t make it any more easy to deal with. Always putting your best foot forward and maintaining professionalism is ideal for handling customer complaints or gripes. Management at Blitz Inc reviews de-escalation techniques and rapport building with the staff frequently. This not only helps to drive sales, but increase long-term brand loyalty from the customer base. Here are a few other pointers…

Be a great listener. I know that when I have a complaint with a company, I really want to be heard. You don’t necessarily need to be able to repeat what the customer has said word for word, but you should know where they are coming from and understand their needs. After you fully understand the problem, you should troubleshoot correcting it and try to build a great rapport with that customer. Failure to do so can take some of your best customers away from you.

Do more than expected. The goal isn’t to just keep one customer. The goal is to gain additional customers. Each call is a sales opportunity. One person’s opinion may sway quite a few other people to try out your product as soon as they hear how much more you did than the other guys.

Complaints and bad reviews are always challenging to deal with, but you must. There isn’t a staff member at Blitz Inc that likes to hear them. However, you can find out some great areas for improvement in your processes from complaints. Growing your business, not just maintaining, is your key to ultimate success. Management at Blitz Inc review former employee complaints and opinions quite frequently and determine if there is any merit to changing policy. Occasionally, the company changes things to make services more efficient, systems more complete, and methods more innovative.

To succeed in retaining customers, be a team player. Instead of just going to work for that paycheck or salary, you really should think about increasing your value by getting really good at your job. The better you are at your job, the more customers will want to stick around. Management within Blitz Inc reviews a person’s candidacy for promotion based on merit and overall effectiveness. Seniority plays no role in a person’s advancement within the company. So, only the best get promoted. This adds additional motivation for the company’s employees to focus on quality as well as quantity in sales and retention numbers. Furthermore, it encourages employees to help one another. One person’s customer is another’s. It’s not about just maintaining and developing new business for YOU…it’s about the team and the company. The better the team does, the more job security you will have.

Learn to be empathic. Customer complaints are always filled with emotions and feelings of anger, regret, remorse, etc. Handling these complaints effectively will mean the world to your business. If you learn to empathize with a customer, not feel sorry for them, but understand and relate – a customer will be retained. If someone is especially unhappy with you or your company, maybe even calling you a scam or rip-off, their opinion may just make it’s way to some scam blog or bad business review site. Take care of the problem and try to fully understand a person’s concern to avoid this. After all, most people just want to be heard.

Just as a person’s opinion can bring additional customers to your company, their complaints can send people running for the hills. Subscribe to this blog to get additional resources as Blitz Inc reviews topics on entrepreneurship, customer service, employee development, scaling your small business, training, interviewing, and on-boarding.

Blitz Inc Reviews CSR in Atlanta, GA
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Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job Market in Atlanta, GA

Blitz Inc reviews ‘Entry Level’ positions within a company. In this post, Blitz Inc reviews why you should look to ADD value to a company and how companies may reward you down the road. Delay that immediate gratification and look to earn your keep.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Job Market in Atlanta

Blitz Inc Reviews JobsWhile it may seem like more companies are hiring now as opposed to a couple of years ago, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that only 24% of 2011 college grads are employed, according to NACE. Not only are most college grads looking to gain meaningful employment somewhere, but they are also competing with everyone else who has been displaced or is currently under-employed and looking for better employment.

So what are you as a job-seeker to do? Almost all of your competition has a college degree as well. What makes you special? It turns out, that a lot of employers look for volunteering experience, extracurricular or intramural sports, affiliations with organizations i.e. fraternities, sororities, clubs, etc. In addition, employers (like us here at Blitz Inc) like to see leadership and previous work experience on your resume.

Scroll down to see a cool video and the comments Blitz Inc reviews regarding separating yourself in today’s job market.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Supply and Demand of Entry Level Personnel

Companies that offer highly skilled entry level positions may be hard to come by, but just may be worth the money that you forked out in tuition. After all, the average income for a software engineer with less than three years of experience is $72,000 annually according to CareerBliss. Since more and more people are getting their college degree and entering the workforce, the supply of entry level workers increases, and unfortunately the demand lessens.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job

Although the entry level position may not be the most coveted of all ‘professions,’ you can’t ignore the fact that everyone has to start somewhere. Just because you start in an entry level SEO job in Atlanta, doesn’t mean that you’ll end up there.

As any entry level position may be considered ‘grunt work’ and not all that exciting, you have to decide where the company can eventually lead you in your future career choices. Many successful CEO’s started in entry level sales positions. So, if you aren’t an engineer and are not highly skilled in a technical field, there’s still hope! Consider sales. It’s listed as the #2 entry level job on CareerBliss with an average income just shy of $50k. More importantly, consider why sales may be important for you to learn for your future career goals.

Many sales companies offer advancement opportunities. Blitz Inc reviews our entry level employees’ performance on a daily and weekly basis, and promote accordingly. Only those that can add value get promoted.

So whether it’s with Blitz Inc or another company, be sure that you aren’t looking for just a paycheck. You will find meaningful employment when you shift your mentality from ‘looking for a job’ to ‘adding value to a company.’ What employer wouldn’t want that??

For more information about Blitz Inc directly, visit Blitz covers a large amount of topics relating to jobs, entrepreneurship and success in business.

[Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job Market]

Blitz Inc reviews the comments from a UK-based employment vlog: “The Employables.”

“Work extremely hard and prove themselves…” – Adam Templeton

“Be open minded to jobs offered…” – Amanda Ashworth

In order to separate yourself from the other candidates out there, who most of all have degrees as well, you have to look to add value and prove yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Thank you for checking out Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job Market!

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Blitz Inc Company Blog

Blitz Inc Bellevue WABlitz Inc reviews several topics relating to entrepreneurs. Blitz Inc also comments on small business owners, company strategies, interviewing policies, salary and employee compensation, marketing. This Blitz Inc blog serves to cover a variety of topics as an auxiliary to our main company blog. Whatever your interest in the above topics may be, you can find answers to your questions with Blitz Inc.

Blitz Inc has looked at several topics in the past including how to land an interview, starting a business, and the relationship between the entrepreneur and the economy. In the upcoming months, Blitz Inc will be reviewing several topics in the area of ‘personal development.’

Blitz takes pride in its commitment to excellence and strives to achieve a greater understanding of the economy of Atlanta and business relationships therein. Through market research and and effective analytic process, Blitz will continue to be the dominant leader in B2B services and relationship-based business.

The Blitz Inc president believes that the company can only grow as quickly as the individuals in it. Therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on Blitz Inc’s employees continual growth and development within the company.

Employees at the Atlanta’s Blitz Inc develop several lifelong skills and attributes including time management, negotiations, leadership, communication, decision-making, teamwork, goal setting, overcoming obstacles with critical thinking, persistence and patience, planning and organization, and general business knowledge.

Blitz Inc and SEO Marketing

Blitz Incorporated has already demonstrated a know-how in building successful companies and branches of business in both emerging industries and plateaued markets in Atlanta and the Midwest. By adding a sense of community and equal benefit to both company and customer, new and fascinating results are obtained through Blitz Inc.

Atlanta has been a great place for the company to name it’s home base. Blitz Inc has developed a systematic approach to gaining new market-share for its current and long-time clientele. Atlanta’s job-seekers prove to be great assets to the company as they are ambitious, goal-oriented, and hungry for success. Learn more about the competitive environment with Atlanta SEO companies on the next page.

Blitz Inc will continue its efforts throughout Atlanta, thereby growing beyond maximum capacity and exposure. At that point, the company will open another branch in which its top performer will take the reigns.

Company employees at Blitz are very excited about this expansion and unique promotion structure in which they are groomed to an executive management capacity. By offering an innovative and creative approach to marketing, a company’s brand is in good hands with Blitz Inc.

Blitz Inc ‘s Growth In the Atlanta Area

The company’s goals not only include expansion plans in the Pacific Northwest, but also in major markets throughout North America. The Atlanta-metro location of Blitz Inc serves as it’s management training hub and teaches employees the various functions of the business and the know-how in regards to customer acquisition.

When the company reaches its maximum capacity in Atlanta, Blitz Inc will take on an additional client to represent in the market. Another viable alternative is to expand into another major market with the company’s current client, thus, creating additional streams of revenue.

Company profits reported from Blitz Inc in the first quarter of business in the fiscal year, pointed to a 200% growth. The results reported are sustainable and promise further expansion and success with the addition of new clients in exciting industries.

Blitz Inc
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