Banned Grey Poupon Ad is Great Marketing

banned grey poupon commercial scamOk, so I’m not sure if Grey Poupon actually made this commercial. In fact, I’m sure that they didn’t have anything to do with it. But whomever made it and marketed it as the genuine article knows a thing or two about making content go viral. Is this legit?

I mean, if you wanted to make a few jokes about a brand name on a video, wouldn’t you want it to get it out there for other people to see it? I think what these guys have does is brilliant – in a marketing sense, let along the implications for creative search engine optimization campaigns. The jokes are definitely a little below the brow, but that’s the type of humor that really gets the views on YouTube these days. Is this commercial for real? Check it out below.

“Poupon Everything.”

For more examples of great marketing and how our primitive brains pay close attention to toilet humor and sex, be sure to check out our other post below.

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