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Do attractive people sell more? Yes. No matter if people like that fact, attractive people sell more. You see it all of the time on television and in print ads. However, attraction isn’t purely physical. Attraction can be built on several different levels. At Blitz Inc, attraction means a lot more than just being physically appealing. However, if you are only trying to market your product through print ads or mass media, then yes it’s purely physical attraction that wins the race. There are several reasons for this…

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  • Attraction is a primal instinct. Having an attractive man or woman as a company’s spokesperson helps the customer develop a closer bond with the brand. Having physically attractive people in advertising campaigns is increasingly prevalent these days as companies are constantly one-upping each other for stronger brand recognition.
  • When a company presents their products or services through a attractive people, it creates a biological and physical effect on the potential customer. Sometimes the brain mistakes these physical reactions’ cause with the actual product.
  • Attractive people in marketing and sales help to create an edge over the competition. With so many ads, commercials, billboards, etc…beautiful people cut through the clutter. People aren’t going to look at every single ad that they see, but they always pay attention to the ones with attractive people.

In Marketing (SEO or Otherwise), Sex Sells

There is definitely truth the term ‘sex sells.’ Not only are marketing efforts more effective with attractive people on the front end, they are more effective via word of mouth. Everyone blew up the social media channels once the new Hardee’s commercial came out. You know, the one with the attractive woman and a fish sandwich?

If you aren’t model material, you might not ever get your own burger ad. However, there are more effective ways to sell than just through print ads or mass media campaigns…direct sales. Blitz Inc Bellevue specializes in direct sales and here are some ways to increase your attractiveness in direct sales…

Building Attraction in Online Marketing and Direct Sales

blitz inc bellevue attractive people sell moreTruly attractive people are not always the most physically attractive. In the direct sales and marketing industry, people work face-to-face with new business prospects. They communicate, joke around, compliment, and engage with potential customers. This is an extreme advantage. This makes the services of Blitz Inc Bellevue a hot commodity these days.

Not only are competing companies too afraid to get out there and talk to their customers, they often lack the skill-set to truly engage a customer.

With in-person sales, a person can utilize their true personality to gain attraction to their brand. Management at Blitz Inc Bellevue reviews a few tips with you below:

  • Don’t TRY to impress your customer. Impress them, but just don’t try so hard to do it.
  • Maintain control of the conversation. Ask questions and genuinely be interested.
  • Master conflict. Overcome any roadblocks with confidence. Rehearse your rebuttals.
  • Be comfortable being you. Show your true personality. No one likes doing business with a robot.
  • Be confident. Study your product knowledge and know your sales pitch. Nothing can stop you.

Summary of ‘Attractive People Sell More’

If you aren’t blessed with good looks, that’s okay. There’s nothing you can do about it. If you focus on what you can do something about, you’ll be very successful in sales. If you don’t have a personality or aren’t willing to develop one, nothing can help you. Pick a different career path. Thanks for reading the ‘Blitz Inc Bellevue: Attractive People Sell More’ post!

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