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Blitz Inc specializes in sales…professional and personal sales with businesses in the Atlanta area. Opening with two employees in May of 2011, Blitz has grown to over twenty employees due to a variety of things (some are trade-secret). The most important, is the company and the employees’ positive attitudes towards business and life.

This stuff may sound really hokey, but according to Jeffrey Gitomer, arguably one of the best sales trainers in the world, your attitude is the biggest influence on sales and in our personal lives. Every success book mentions it and its power. All of it sounds hokey. You’ll just have to get used to that.

Check out this video from Jeffrey Gitomer on Attitude!

Blitz Inc Atlanta Reviews the ‘Attitude Formula’

What are the views of Blitz Inc Atlanta, WA on the power of positive thinking? The answer may surprise you. Led by Tom Peck Blitz Inc formulates success with simple math…    A + B = C…    A = Attitude…    B = Work Ethic…    C = Results.

In this equation, both A and B must be whole numbers. If either of them is a fraction, positive results still may be achieved, but not maintained. Lets focus more on the ‘A’ since most of us think that we have pretty decent attitudes and that that is enough to get great sustainable results.

Blitz Inc Suggests You Take an Attitude Analysis

Chances are… you don’t think as positively as you thought.

May of us believe that we are generally optimistic people, but are you really where you want to be in life? Have you achieved everything that you wanted out of your life, be it professional or personal? The Buddhist philosophy revolves around the fact that you are where you should be. Meaning, the events, circumstances, choices, and conditions in your life have influenced your life this far. More importantly, what you have done with these things…even more importantly…how you view these events and your expectations on future events dictates where you are right now.

So many people point the finger at the ‘reasons’ why they haven’t reached everything that they have wanted. None of these people would tell you that its their own fault. None of these people would tell you that they should have handled things differently. Pointing the finger and justifying why things happened or didn’t happen is just plain easier and doesn’t hurt their ego.

Blitz Inc Atlanta Views on Conditioning and Our Attitude

At the end of the day, everyone tries to make sense out of random occurrences and they base their future behavior and choices from that set of experiences…i.e. Hot stove burned us, crying when we were babies got us attention, and even experiences on how to act socially help model our future behavior across several different levels of social experiences in the future. This is how all of us learn. It’s science.

Problems With Conditioning as a Function of Learning

Unfortunately we can tie the wrong meanings to these experiences. I.e. The Gamblers Fallacy. If a person wins a hand of Blackjack and they were thinking about something random, or doing something out of the ordinary as they won (i.e. flicking their cigarette a certain way), their winning MUST have been a result of that thing! For instance, how many of you believe that if the elevator door isn’t closing fast enough, pushing the close button gets it going? The truth is, almost all of the ‘close’ buttons on elevator doors are not functional unless they have the maintenance key in place. This cannot be disputed. It is a fact. Ask any elevator maintenance worker and they’ll tell you.

So if the button doesn’t work, why do we all push it incessantly? Answer = We see other people doing it and we don’t really think about it.

Blitz Inc Bellevue WA

Blitz Inc Atlanta GA Reviews the Larger Implications

Blitz Inc, the Atlanta SEO company’s CEO has a Psychology degree from Northwest Missouri State University and has studied his phenomenon thoroughly. He states, “This is too common when making our decisions in our everyday lives and professional careers. The things and people we surround ourselves with are eventually who and what we become. So, the problem with our attitudes is that we simply let other things affect it. Or, I have heard others say that the problem with people is that they just DON’T THINK.”

Humans are the only species on the face of the planet that can actually change the way we think about things, but so few of us actually do it. We let others tell us what we want, what to do, and what should be important. If this doesn’t correspond to what each and every one of us wants individually, it creates dissonance and anxiety.

So, the key to controlling your own thoughts and attitude is…

• Decide what You really want. Not what others want for you, not what your parents, friends, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, or even neighbors think u should want out of life. If that scares you and you feel that your goals may be inadequate…Who Cares?? You should be the only one who cares what YOU do with YOUR life (as long as its ethical and legal) The good news is, no one wants to be average. No one wants to be mediocre. So, start off small and expand on it.

• Then decide what u are willing to do to get there. If you haven’t gotten to where u want to be by now, you are the one that has to change. Hope is not enough. Decide. Do. Blitz Inc Atlanta GA and Attitude: Helpful Hints – You first have to change the way you think about things, people, events, circumstances, obstacles, and yourself. Only then can you even start to see things change.

Blitz Inc Atlanta GA and Attitude: Helpful Hints

– Where u are now is a result of the way that u have thought about things up until now. So your brain has actually been conditioned to accept your present situation as satisfactory. If it hadn’t, do you think you would be where u are?

– Feed your brain with positive and powerful thoughts from other people. Become a student of life and get out of being comfortable with what you think you “know.”

– Your brain is extremely adaptable and capable of change. Almost all forms of science agrees that we only use a small fraction of our brain’s ability. But most are unaware of their true potential.

– Since our brains are so adaptable, we have to guard what we put into it. Only then can we start to see opportunities to take us to where we want to be, and the more willing we are to do the work required.

More to come on the second part of the A + B = C equation (Work Ethic)

Blitz Inc Atlanta Reviews Effects of a Positive Attitude on Your Success

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