Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job Market in Atlanta, GA

Blitz Inc reviews ‘Entry Level’ positions within a company. In this post, Blitz Inc reviews why you should look to ADD value to a company and how companies may reward you down the road. Delay that immediate gratification and look to earn your keep.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Job Market in Atlanta

Blitz Inc Reviews JobsWhile it may seem like more companies are hiring now as opposed to a couple of years ago, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that only 24% of 2011 college grads are employed, according to NACE. Not only are most college grads looking to gain meaningful employment somewhere, but they are also competing with everyone else who has been displaced or is currently under-employed and looking for better employment.

So what are you as a job-seeker to do? Almost all of your competition has a college degree as well. What makes you special? It turns out, that a lot of employers look for volunteering experience, extracurricular or intramural sports, affiliations with organizations i.e. fraternities, sororities, clubs, etc. In addition, employers (like us here at Blitz Inc) like to see leadership and previous work experience on your resume.

Scroll down to see a cool video and the comments Blitz Inc reviews regarding separating yourself in today’s job market.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Supply and Demand of Entry Level Personnel

Companies that offer highly skilled entry level positions may be hard to come by, but just may be worth the money that you forked out in tuition. After all, the average income for a software engineer with less than three years of experience is $72,000 annually according to CareerBliss. Since more and more people are getting their college degree and entering the workforce, the supply of entry level workers increases, and unfortunately the demand lessens.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job

Although the entry level position may not be the most coveted of all ‘professions,’ you can’t ignore the fact that everyone has to start somewhere. Just because you start in an entry level SEO job in Atlanta, doesn’t mean that you’ll end up there.

As any entry level position may be considered ‘grunt work’ and not all that exciting, you have to decide where the company can eventually lead you in your future career choices. Many successful CEO’s started in entry level sales positions. So, if you aren’t an engineer and are not highly skilled in a technical field, there’s still hope! Consider sales. It’s listed as the #2 entry level job on CareerBliss with an average income just shy of $50k. More importantly, consider why sales may be important for you to learn for your future career goals.

Many sales companies offer advancement opportunities. Blitz Inc reviews our entry level employees’ performance on a daily and weekly basis, and promote accordingly. Only those that can add value get promoted.

So whether it’s with Blitz Inc or another company, be sure that you aren’t looking for just a paycheck. You will find meaningful employment when you shift your mentality from ‘looking for a job’ to ‘adding value to a company.’ What employer wouldn’t want that??

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[Blitz Inc Reviews the Entry Level Job Market]

Blitz Inc reviews the comments from a UK-based employment vlog: “The Employables.”

“Work extremely hard and prove themselves…” – Adam Templeton

“Be open minded to jobs offered…” – Amanda Ashworth

In order to separate yourself from the other candidates out there, who most of all have degrees as well, you have to look to add value and prove yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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