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Blitz Inc Bellevue WABlitz Inc reviews several topics relating to entrepreneurs. Blitz Inc also comments on small business owners, company strategies, interviewing policies, salary and employee compensation, marketing. This Blitz Inc blog serves to cover a variety of topics as an auxiliary to our main company blog. Whatever your interest in the above topics may be, you can find answers to your questions with Blitz Inc.

Blitz Inc has looked at several topics in the past including how to land an interview, starting a business, and the relationship between the entrepreneur and the economy. In the upcoming months, Blitz Inc will be reviewing several topics in the area of ‘personal development.’

Blitz takes pride in its commitment to excellence and strives to achieve a greater understanding of the economy of Atlanta and business relationships therein. Through market research and and effective analytic process, Blitz will continue to be the dominant leader in B2B services and relationship-based business.

The Blitz Inc president believes that the company can only grow as quickly as the individuals in it. Therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on Blitz Inc’s employees continual growth and development within the company.

Employees at the Atlanta’s Blitz Inc develop several lifelong skills and attributes including time management, negotiations, leadership, communication, decision-making, teamwork, goal setting, overcoming obstacles with critical thinking, persistence and patience, planning and organization, and general business knowledge.

Blitz Inc and SEO Marketing

Blitz Incorporated has already demonstrated a know-how in building successful companies and branches of business in both emerging industries and plateaued markets in Atlanta and the Midwest. By adding a sense of community and equal benefit to both company and customer, new and fascinating results are obtained through Blitz Inc.

Atlanta has been a great place for the company to name it’s home base. Blitz Inc has developed a systematic approach to gaining new market-share for its current and long-time clientele. Atlanta’s job-seekers prove to be great assets to the company as they are ambitious, goal-oriented, and hungry for success. Learn more about the competitive environment with Atlanta SEO companies on the next page.

Blitz Inc will continue its efforts throughout Atlanta, thereby growing beyond maximum capacity and exposure. At that point, the company will open another branch in which its top performer will take the reigns.

Company employees at Blitz are very excited about this expansion and unique promotion structure in which they are groomed to an executive management capacity. By offering an innovative and creative approach to marketing, a company’s brand is in good hands with Blitz Inc.

Blitz Inc ‘s Growth In the Atlanta Area

The company’s goals not only include expansion plans in the Pacific Northwest, but also in major markets throughout North America. The Atlanta-metro location of Blitz Inc serves as it’s management training hub and teaches employees the various functions of the business and the know-how in regards to customer acquisition.

When the company reaches its maximum capacity in Atlanta, Blitz Inc will take on an additional client to represent in the market. Another viable alternative is to expand into another major market with the company’s current client, thus, creating additional streams of revenue.

Company profits reported from Blitz Inc in the first quarter of business in the fiscal year, pointed to a 200% growth. The results reported are sustainable and promise further expansion and success with the addition of new clients in exciting industries.

Blitz Inc
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Best SEO Company in Atlanta

There’s a new Atlanta  SEO company that’s taking the industry by storm. These guys did some work for us recently and we’re seeing some serious results. The company, Force Boost, has been working primarily in the reputation management industry but has recently switched their focus to helping local business owners in the Atlanta metropolitan area increase their revenues through search engine optimization techniques. After all, with reputation management you have to rank several websites. If this SEO company can do that, they can rank one website for your business. Hopefully that makes sense. This leads to an increase in brand recognition, but more importantly, it gets your phone ringing with new customers.

Atlanta SEO Company: Force Boost

Atlanta SEO companyAt Force Boost, they are really good at optimizing your social profiles, getting your business listed in the seven pack of the search results (Google Maps), obviously reputation management, and organic search engine optimization leading to increased ranking of your website in the search engines.

In order to qualify for their SEO services, you can’t be a start-up company. This Atlanta SEO company only focuses works with businesses who have been around a while, have a healthy business that is already generating revenue, and isn’t involved in any get rich quick schemes or mlm. Not that multi-level-marketing is a get-rich quick scheme, but the agency just doesn’t work with them.

If you are in Atlanta and SEO companies are appealing to you, I highly recommend Force Boost Atlanta SEO Company. They took one of my websites that sells Amazon products and bumped it up to the first page of the search engines through optimization and backlinking techniques. Very effective services and they have great communication with their customers. They only work with a few clients at a time so that they can continue this open communication. They are a bit pricey though, so if you are looking for a discount service, you might look somewhere else. You get what you pay for in any industry, but especially with search engine optimization and marketing.

SEO in Atlanta GA

SEO Company AtlantaThere are a lot of search engine optimization companies out there to choose from in Atlanta, Washington. However, you have to know that with competition comes quality of services. The more competition in the market-place, the more value you will get for your money. In other words, for a company to compete in such a saturated market, there has to be something that sticks out. The biggest thing that sticks out about Force Boost is they have a blog that gives free ‘how-to’ tips for reputation management and they give free no-commitment consultations. They literally tell you exactly what you need to do to increase your marketing efforts and what SEO techniques to utilize to get your desired result. Force Boost has been in the game for a long time, but they have only now started to branch out into local search marketing in Atlanta. Again, I highly recommend this company as they did a bang-up job for not only utilizing keyword research and ranking my website with great backlinks, but running a social media marketing campaign that drove sales through the roof.

Check out this Atlanta SEO company today if you have the need. 🙂

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Banned Grey Poupon Ad is Great Marketing

banned grey poupon commercial scamOk, so I’m not sure if Grey Poupon actually made this commercial. In fact, I’m sure that they didn’t have anything to do with it. But whomever made it and marketed it as the genuine article knows a thing or two about making content go viral. Is this legit?

I mean, if you wanted to make a few jokes about a brand name on a video, wouldn’t you want it to get it out there for other people to see it? I think what these guys have does is brilliant – in a marketing sense, let along the implications for creative search engine optimization campaigns. The jokes are definitely a little below the brow, but that’s the type of humor that really gets the views on YouTube these days. Is this commercial for real? Check it out below.

“Poupon Everything.”

For more examples of great marketing and how our primitive brains pay close attention to toilet humor and sex, be sure to check out our other post below.

Want proof?


blitz inc reviews

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Don’t Miss a Thing. You’re Supposed to Be Dancing.

Everyone’s just doing what they’re told. At Blitz Inc, we do what people won’t. We work hard and eliminate excuses. Therefore, all of our staff members that are committed to our collective goals will be successful. Elsewhere, most people won’t be successful. Why? They do what others do. They do what they think they’re supposed to be doing. They work at a job they don’t like to buy things they don’t need. What most people don’t know, is that they should be enjoying the present. After all, its a gift.

Watch this video by the creators of South Park, narrated by English philosopher, Alan Watts.

Blitz Inc Reviews

You’ll never be truly happy if you are trying to do what other people want you to. You’re “American Dream” should be different than everyone else’s, don’t you think? In Spencer Johnson’s book, “The Present,” he talks about living for today while being optimistic of the future. This may be the secret to true happiness.

The Present is an engaging story of a young man’s journey to adulthood, and his tireless search for The Present, a mysterious and elusive gift he first hears about from a wise old man. This Present, according to the old man, is the most valuable gift a person can receive. Why? Because it is the one thing that doesn’t change in changing times.

The American Dream that we are all told about growing up is based on consumerism. If those material things are important to you, that’s okay. However, I would bet that you care a bit more about other things. Get out there today and enjoy your life. You only get one go at it.

Blitz Inc Reviews

Frequently, management at Blitz Inc reviews entrepreneurial topics and marketing strategies to help business owners reach the next level of success. For more information on how this applies to Atlanta SEO, check out our next post.

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Jimmy Fallon Throws in the Towel to Paul Rudd in this Lip Sync Battle!

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd are two of the funniest people T.V. Check out their most recent lip sync battle. These lip sync battles are great! We at Blitz Inc can’t get enough! Well done!

For more information on how this applies to search engine marketing, visit our next post. You’ll find a load of information regarding open positions, company philosophy, and our community outreach programs.

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Blitz Inc Presents Funny Clip of the Week

Hahaha…this is great! Ellen is brilliant and Bruno is actually a pretty good actor! This is the Blitz Inc funny clip of the week!

More on this page.

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Blitz Inc Reviews Why You Should Put Yourself Out There

Blitz Inc Reviews Putting Yourself Out There

Putting yourself out there is something that most of us only dream about. We all have regretted NOT doing something. In fact, most of us find this happening again and again in our lives.

If you don’t put yourself out there and take a risk, you are DESTINED TO FAIL.

In this post, Blitz Inc reviews a couple examples of people who put themselves out there when no one thought they could make it…and guess what…they made it. And no, this post is not about famous failures…although these people might become famous in the future.

You’re dumb for trying.

You’re not good enough.

No one ever does well with that. Don’t even try.

Sound familiar? Do you believe these statements? Why? Are the people telling you these things an authority on the subject?

Ultra-successful people have heard others say these things to them as well. The only difference between them and you is…they didn’t listen to them.

Put Yourself Out There: Cameron Johnson

I’m sure that you’ve heard of Cameron Johnson by now…but maybe you haven’t. I’ll save you the long biography. He’s an ultra successful millionaire…previously a teen millionaire but has grown up since. Watch this video where he is interviewed by Donny Deutsch on the Big Idea.

In this video of Cameron Johnson on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, he talks about getting rid of fear and self-doubt, finding someone to look up to, and putting yourself out there and taking a chance.


putting yourself out there cameron johnson

Just imagine if this guy fell into the false reality of everyone else who forms the status quo around us. Lost hopes and dreams, a ton of regrets, and a ton of debt just like everyone else.

If you are just getting started in your path to success, I hope you understand why you should put yourself out there and take risks. If you don’t, you’ll be like everyone else who doesn’t.

But who wants that?!

Put Yourself Out There Like Christopher Maloney

Still not convinced that you HAVE TO put yourself out there and take risks to find success? Watch this next video. If your eyes don’t water a little bit or you don’t get goosebumps, you have no soul. 🙂

Christopher Maloney’s X Factor UK audition is one to bookmark for future motivation. This guy applied to be on this show, what, five years?? But NEVER actually sent in the envelope? Maybe he wasn’t ready, maybe his voice matured and it sounds better now, but whatever. I see you pessimists shaking your head. If a person listens to everyone else, they will be like everyone else.

Blitz Inc on Putting Yourself Out There and Taking Risks

Here’s what I think…

We only have one life to live. I know that this isn’t a novel concept and you probably figured that out a while back. But here’s the thing…we can’t take what we learned in this life and apply it to the next. We can’t say, “Man, I wish I would have said something to that pretty girl when there was an OBVIOUS moment there. I think I’ll do that next time.” OR “Man, that opportunity looked like it could have taken me places, but it just wasn’t the perfect fit at the time. This second life that I have will be different.”

NEWSFLASH: You don’t get a second chance and things will never be the right time.

If we only have one life to live, than why are so many of us NOT LIVING IT?

But who controls that? Who decides what you can or cannot try to do?

Here’s what Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars says about it (and a TON of other folks) in their new “City of Angels” video (short film).

“If this is the only life, then why am I not just doing everything that I want to do?”          –  James Franco

Put yourself out there. Get started. Today.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to subscribe to our blog. Blitz Inc reviews several topics throughout the course of the year that will help you change the way you think. Whether you have already found success and like to network with like-minded people or your business life is a mess, subscribe to our blog and show us some love!

Make sure to check out our recent post on the best Atlanta SEO company! You won’t regret it!

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Blitz Inc Bellevue: Attractive People Sell More

Do attractive people sell more? Yes. No matter if people like that fact, attractive people sell more. You see it all of the time on television and in print ads. However, attraction isn’t purely physical. Attraction can be built on several different levels. At Blitz Inc, attraction means a lot more than just being physically appealing. However, if you are only trying to market your product through print ads or mass media, then yes it’s purely physical attraction that wins the race. There are several reasons for this…

blitz inc bellevue

  • Attraction is a primal instinct. Having an attractive man or woman as a company’s spokesperson helps the customer develop a closer bond with the brand. Having physically attractive people in advertising campaigns is increasingly prevalent these days as companies are constantly one-upping each other for stronger brand recognition.
  • When a company presents their products or services through a attractive people, it creates a biological and physical effect on the potential customer. Sometimes the brain mistakes these physical reactions’ cause with the actual product.
  • Attractive people in marketing and sales help to create an edge over the competition. With so many ads, commercials, billboards, etc…beautiful people cut through the clutter. People aren’t going to look at every single ad that they see, but they always pay attention to the ones with attractive people.

In Marketing (SEO or Otherwise), Sex Sells

There is definitely truth the term ‘sex sells.’ Not only are marketing efforts more effective with attractive people on the front end, they are more effective via word of mouth. Everyone blew up the social media channels once the new Hardee’s commercial came out. You know, the one with the attractive woman and a fish sandwich?

If you aren’t model material, you might not ever get your own burger ad. However, there are more effective ways to sell than just through print ads or mass media campaigns…direct sales. Blitz Inc Bellevue specializes in direct sales and here are some ways to increase your attractiveness in direct sales…

Building Attraction in Online Marketing and Direct Sales

blitz inc bellevue attractive people sell moreTruly attractive people are not always the most physically attractive. In the direct sales and marketing industry, people work face-to-face with new business prospects. They communicate, joke around, compliment, and engage with potential customers. This is an extreme advantage. This makes the services of Blitz Inc Bellevue a hot commodity these days.

Not only are competing companies too afraid to get out there and talk to their customers, they often lack the skill-set to truly engage a customer.

With in-person sales, a person can utilize their true personality to gain attraction to their brand. Management at Blitz Inc Bellevue reviews a few tips with you below:

  • Don’t TRY to impress your customer. Impress them, but just don’t try so hard to do it.
  • Maintain control of the conversation. Ask questions and genuinely be interested.
  • Master conflict. Overcome any roadblocks with confidence. Rehearse your rebuttals.
  • Be comfortable being you. Show your true personality. No one likes doing business with a robot.
  • Be confident. Study your product knowledge and know your sales pitch. Nothing can stop you.

Summary of ‘Attractive People Sell More’

If you aren’t blessed with good looks, that’s okay. There’s nothing you can do about it. If you focus on what you can do something about, you’ll be very successful in sales. If you don’t have a personality or aren’t willing to develop one, nothing can help you. Pick a different career path. Thanks for reading the ‘Blitz Inc Bellevue: Attractive People Sell More’ post!

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Blitz Inc Bellevue

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